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    Established in 1973 Denver, Colorado the J.M.W. Turner Museum has a home online again.

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    All proceeds from the store and donations shall be devoted to the renaissance of our vision.

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    Experience Turner’s genius in large format by viewing his work up close. “Cosmic Moments” that are too small to see in the originals. All prints that are purchased include a giclee print of the comic moment.


    With over 1500 J.M.W. Turner pieces in the museum’s collection, new exhibitions will be continuously added. Don’t miss a new release!

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J.M.W. Turner Museum


The J.M.W. Turner Museum (since 1973) has for more than a quarter century thrived upon the twin motto:

A Fierce Attachment to Quality and a Diligent Search for Perfection.

A mission statement inspired by the musical geniuses Yehudi Menuhin and Yo-Yo Ma and literary master Villa Cather. Our world-class artistic offerings featuring J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) , one of the greatest artists of all time to have achieved international fame. An award giver described them as:

Pure sensory delight from start to finish.

During the phenomenal development of the J.M.W. Turner Museum in its previous location in Denver, no less than three game-changers were introduced:

  • Multisensory Appeal

    An appeal to all 5 senses simultaneously when presenting art to the public. Not just on special occasions, but in an ongoing basis, day after day. Museums for centuries have introduced music, that is an appeal to our sense of hearing, to enhance the experience of viewing art. Others have staged gala events in their galleries, appealing to our sense of taste, by serving meals. Appealing to our sense of smell, by serving wine or decorating the event with a profusion of flowers. Most of these are one shot, or at best sporadic efforts. We found our method had such an impact on our viewers that their visits became life long memories and induced repeat visits. The establishment of our own Chamber Music Orchestra was the next logical step.

    This game-changer introduction way back in 1973 received a late but welcomed “endorsement” from the Wall Street Journal. In an article written in their December 2015 supplement The Future if Everything, the multisensory museum is describe as the museum of the future.

  • Cosmic Moments

    Displaying exhibits paired with at least one enhanced and detailed image from the original, is what we call a “Cosmic Moment”. It could be a snapshot of our lives which has not changed over the centuries. A mother holding her new-born, wash-day, two dogs meeting each other with a get-acquainted sniff. There was tremendous feedback from visitors to our 2012 exhibition at the Selby Gallery, Ringling College. People were amazed by the intimate details visible by displaying Turner’s work this way.

  • The Pairing of Masters

    The regular practice of pairing Turner’s art with the art of other masters. Thus, we had our first exhibition in 1974, to celebrate the influence Turner had on Thomas Moran (1837-1926), best known as the “Father of all National Parks”. Other exhibitions outlined the seminal influence Turner has on the Impressionists, now for almost a century the public’s number 1 favorites.

Genius Unfolding - Ringling Exhibition

Douglass Graem, founder of the J.M.W. Turner Museum, “Genius Unfolding” exhibition, Ringling College 2012.

Source: Heidi Kurpiela – Your Observer March 22, 2012

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Now comes the J.M.W Turner Museum with the same spirit of fierce attachment to quality and diligent search for perfection offering in our Exhibitions, our museum store. Art lovers all over the planet now have an opportunity to acquire the great Turner’s works, authenticated originals as well as beautiful reproductions and reprints at surprisingly affordable prices, presented in a totally original fashion paired with a detail we call Cosmic Moment – very much a Turner hallmark.

We also offer beautiful works by contemporaries of Turner, all over 100 years old. The J.M.W. Turner Museum’s inventory of 600+ prime Turners along with thousands of other Turner items now offered to the public has been often called the largest of its kind on our planet. Please note that many of our offerings are either unique or special edition items which have survived two centuries of vicissitudes and are available only in strictly limited quantities

To maximize your enjoyment and comfort-level, along with each masterpiece come four important features which as a package we confidently assert is unsurpassed anywhere:

  • Cosmic Moment

    Each print is paired with detail of the original, a Cosmic Moment. A snapshot of our lives which have not changed over the centuries. A mother holding her new-born, wash-day, two dogs meeting each other with a get-acquainted sniff.

  • Blind Stamp

    Each piece is imprinted with the official blind stamp of The J.M.W. Turner Museum.

  • Authentic

    Each item includes a specially design seal adhered to the back. The authenticity of this item is unconditionally guaranteed by the J.M.W. Turner Museum, Inc.

  • Guarantee

    An unconditional guarantee to refund your purchase price upon the return of the item in undamaged condition, with no questions asked.

Prints Example

TWO prints FOR the price of ONE!


Quality and Perfection

Every print that is lovingly reproduced from the museum’s collection, is accountable to the museum’s highest quality standards. Each original Turner goes through a four step process to reproduce a print which is even better than the original.

  • Each piece is digitally scanned, at exceptionally high resolution, to produce a master image.

  • The master image is then painstakingly adjusted to remove any imperfections imparted to the original print over the last 200 years.

  • The highest quality archival paper is chosen and the giclée printing process produces a large format print. Hidden details of Turner’s mastery come to life in these larger than original reproductions.

  • Each print is packaged with care and shipped directly to your door.


Highest Quality Museum Archival Paper


Highest Quality Giclée Printing


J.M.W. Turner Museum Official Blind Stamp

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